How To Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock?

Do you want to change the code on a Schlage lock?
If so, then read on!
If you are looking to change the code on your Schlage locks, then you need to first determine if you have the correct key.
This is because the four digit code on the lock is used to identify the type of lock.
a4xn5wD6_lg In this article I explain you how to change the code on the Schlage lock.

How To Change The 4 Digit Code On A Schlage Lock?

1 First turn off power to the lock. 2 Remove the key from the lock cylinder.

Find the programming code

3 Turn the key back into the lock cylinder until the correct code appears on the display screen. 4 Enter the new code. 5 Replace the key in the lock cylinder. 6 Turn the power back on to the lock.

Enter the programming code

1 Turn the key back into its lock cylinder until the correct programming code appears on the display. 2 Press the “Programming” button.

Create a new code

3 Select the desired code from the list. 4 Press the “Enter” button.

Insert a 4 digit code

1 Enter the 4 digit code 2 Press the “Enter/OK” button

How can we delete an entry code on a Schlage lock?

To remove a four digit code from a Schlage deadbolt, simply enter the four digits into the keypad on the back side of the deadbolt. Then press the “enter” button. This will clear the code from the deadbolt. To re-set the code, follow the same steps but instead of pressing the “enter’ button, press the “ok” button.

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