Can You Freeze Cashew Butter? – I Test 3 Methods [Pics]

Just made a great batch of cashew butter you found there was no way you could eat it all before you left?

Or are you sick of cleaning your knives every morning and turning cashew butter over toast? (The frozen cashew butter toast is real!).

you are in the right world

In this article, I will share the results of freezing cashew butter using 3 different methods.

I also give you step-by-step instructions to make sure your cashew butter stays firm.

devil? jump in

Can you become cashew butter?

Frozen cashew butter is a great way to extend shelf life. Simply chop the cashew butter into a small airtight container. Then put in the freezer. You can also use ice cube trays to make cashew butter ice cubes.

If the cashew butter melts as it melts, slowing down will bring the butter back to normal.

Can you become cashew butter? Yes

How often does cashew butter stay in the freezer? 6-12 osu

Is cashew butter good for freezing? Yes

Can you become cashew butter? Yes

Beware of freezing cashew butter? it can break during dissolution But it can be easily repaired.

All Natural Cashew Butter (with only silver spots in ingredients) freezes quickly in the freezer.

The behavior of cashew butter with additives is difficult to predict. (But what I also experienced was freezing without problems)

Why? Because important nutrients affect the freezing point and freezing rate.

Notes on my experiment

to see how hard cashew butter can be. I ordered several tubes and used them for the following tests:

  • How often does cashew butter freeze? (in excellent quality)
  • Put the cashews in the refrigerator several times to check for texture and consistency.
  • There are many ‘hacks’ experiments, such as splitting cashew butter into ice cube trays and pre-made square sandwiches.

How to Freeze Butter Cashew

  1. Divide your cashew butter into an airtight bag or freezer service bag. The smallest will work hard at a very fast pace.
  2. Place the plastic flour (or wax paper) on top of the cashew butter in an airtight container. or squeeze all the air out of the freezer bag (optional).
  3. Close the sealed container and place in the freezer.

Plastic wrap protects the surface of cashew butter from Frost.

Too much empty space in the bag (or too much space in the bag) exposes cashew butter to cold freezing.

Do not use a glass jar to freeze cashew butter, because (Although this is not possible), the glass may break in the freezer.

Large cashew butter will take about 24 hours to freeze completely. while small portions freeze in 3–4 hours.

Note: All natural cashew butter. (where cashew is the only ingredient) freeze in the freezer.

Can not find any information online about the freezing point of cashew nuts or cashew oil. Then he said, I know The freezing point of almond oil is 0 ° F (-18 ° C) and peanut oil is 37 ° F (3 ° C)..

Cashew butter is usually among these numbers. This is also confirmed in my tests.

The behavior of cashew butter with additives is difficult to predict. This is due to the large number of elements affecting the freezing point and the freezing rate.

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Here are some ways to become cashew butter.

Cashew butter, divided into ice cube trays, perfect for Trouble-free smoothies, and pieces made Cashew Bota Sandwich air.

ice cubes

If you plan to use cashew butter in smoothies or want a portion ready to use Instead, pour the cashew butter into an ice cube and freeze.

After about 3–4 hours, freezing becomes hard and can be transferred to a larger container over a longer period of time. storage.

Work quickly when you do this because the cube will start to melt almost instantly.


Frozen peanut butter has gone viral on social media in the last few years.

Most people think it asan… But they do not try cashew butter slices with banana on bread. (Thanks later!).

You will need a large piece of wax paper and a rolling pin.

Remove a few drops of cashew butter on a greased baking sheet and fold in half. Then use a rolling pin to turn the cashew butter into thin strips.

Freeze flat

when you can You can cut or split them into desired shapes and store the pieces in a sealed bag.

Quickly use the cashew butter when it comes out of the freezer as it will start to melt immediately.

How to Melt Cashew Butter

melt cashew butter Take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to melt overnight. to release faster Just let it sit for 20-30 minutes. If the cashew butter is flowing as it melts, bring it to a boil and the butter will come back together.

Cashew butter is the most vulnerable to breakage.

If cashew butter has additives, it is less likely to break

to avoid melting cashew butter in the fridge rather than over the counter.

Cold and melting air slowly reduces the life of solids and oils.

Avoid melting cashew butter in the microwave, as it contains unexpected oils in the microwave.

If you want to dissolve it quickly Use a hot bath or hot tub from your hand to warm the cashew butter.

Frying while cashew butter melts also prevents cracking.

Tips for Freezing Cashew Butter

Here is a quick suggestion. This ensures that you experience freezing stress.

Mark your boxes.

This is a step that many people overlook. But it can be very easy to forget that things How long in the freezer? And which one should you pull out first?

Registering the box with the date you put cashew butter in the freezer means you will always use it on time.

Frozen Cashew nuts are great for dogs.

My dog ​​loves frozen cashew butter in your cone. She’s crazy about it!

So if you are looking for a new treat for your dog, give it a try.

Make sure that xylitol is not listed as an ingredient in cashew butter as it is toxic to dogs.

All natural cashew butter is great for dogs.

How long does cashew butter last?

way not open Opened / made at home
cottage 5-6 months osu 1
refrigerator 1 year 3 months
freezer 2 years 6-12 osu
frozen vacuum seal 2 years +

Note that these numbers are based on natural cashew butter. (cashews have only one ingredient)

If your cashew butter has buttermilk ingredients it will last longer.

Is cashew butter damaged?

Cashew butter is not safe to eat. But it was rancid because of the oil. It is easy to say whether your cashew butter is rancid. for it will smell and be delicious. Storing cashew butter in a cool, dark place (such as a refrigerator or freezer) will help keep it cool.

Is cashew butter good for freezing?

Yes, cashew butter freezes well. in my test There was no negative effect on the flavor or texture of cashew butter after freezing. The only thing you should know is that a little frosting can break the cashew butter. But this method is easier to solve by rotation.

Frozen Cashew Butter So you can feel as comfortable as you want.

If cashew butter contains other ingredients such as stabilizers and preservatives. Bota le ma le ju. But it will also be stored at freezing temperatures.

Can you become cashew butter?

I also tried frozen cashew butter again and it worked fine. Cashew butter tastes good and there is no change in texture. Storing cashew butter in an airtight container is essential for cooling. If cashew butter has a lot of ice the first time it freezes. will not recover well

way Freeze Butter Cashew

in this quick recipe I will introduce the best way to become cashew butter.

preparation time 5 minute

cooking clock 0 minute

total time 5 minute

of course spread

food American

sneeze 1 person

calories 590 kcal

  • 1 part Butter Cashew natural or store buy
  • Divide cashew butter into small airtight bag or heavy duty freezer bag. The smallest will work hard at a very fast pace.

  • Place the plastic wrap or wax paper over the surface of the cashew butter in an airtight container. or squeeze all the air out of the freezer bag (optional).

  • Close the sealed container and place in the freezer.

  • Large cashew butter will take about 24 hours to freeze completely. while small portions freeze within 3 hours.

  • Cashew butter lasts 6-12 months in the freezer.

Sneeze: 100NScalories: 590kcal